Name: Arthur Colvill
Job Title: Suiting adviser at Roderick Charles

What are the unwritten rules of office attire?
It is harder to wear casual than formal. Dress down Friday really affected our trade when it came in from America. It shouldn’t exist as mentally it brings a person down. The suit is the better option as top and bottom match, so it is easier, and with a shirt and tie you can change the look of the suit. If you want to dress the suit down, take you tie off and open your shirt. It is all about presentation.

How would you add personality through accessories?
Colour is the main thing, so adding a brightly coloured tie can change your whole look. Our bright orange, yellow or pink ties can really lift a dark suit.

What should people look for in an office suit?
For a formal style, a two button with side vents, with a single pleated trouser so you have room to sit down. Navy or charcoal is the office colour, but that’s been eased a bit by other colours coming in such as mid-blue or mid-grey. Coordinate with white, blue or pink shirt with the matching ties and you can change your look everyday.