Lockdown has done strange things to our relationship with our homes. Months of WFH and gazing at the same four walls have left many yearning for a change of scenery. Travel restrictions have created itchy feet. We’re starting to eye-up the paintbrush and consider splashing our drab walls with a riot of glorious colour; seeking ways to inject some of that buzz and excitement – usually found by being out there in the world – into our domestic spaces.


Perhaps that’s why the New London Fabulous design movement is currently stealing the global spotlight. Led by a core group of four UK based designers – made up of Camille Walala, Yinka Ilori, Morag Mysercough, and Adam Nathaniel Furman – the feel-good collective is all about celebrating colour, pattern and cultural diversity. Their vibrant style can be found brightening up the usually grey, grimy streets of London and beyond, with street crossings transformed into rainbow-hued walkways, concrete railway bridges popping to life with Insta-worthy pink pastels, and uplifting murals using kaleidoscopic patterns decorating street corners.

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