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National Geographic Traveller – Deep roots in the Smoky Mountains

10-page story on Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains: Rising along the eastern flank of Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains are known for their hiking trails, waterfalls and wild bears – this is, after all, the most naturally biodiverse pocket in the US. But a road trip through its old-growth forests reveals a more humane story. Here, tight-knit communities are preserving ancient Appalachian crafts and traditions, from pottery and broom carving to folk dancing, all alongside some of America’s most bombastic resort towns.

National Geographic Traveller – An inside guide to cockney London

London’s cockney scene has a long history and an interesting future, thanks to its proud custodians looking to safeguard its reputation.

The Times – Nostalgia trip: The enduring appeal of Palm Springs, playground for the rich and famous

Ahead of Don’t Worry Darling’s release on Friday, Zoey Goto introduces its star turn of a setting — the Californian city of Palm Springs

Courier – South Main Arts District

This historical Memphis neighborhood is home to a mix of thriving, switched-on businesses, all infused with a strong sense of community and heritage.

Roadbook – A guide to Joshua Tree, California’s desert destination

From hiking in the world-famous national park to live music, art galleries and Airstream caravans, live out your desert dreams in Joshua Tree, California

Virgin Atlantic inflight magazine Vera – London’s Pearly Kings and Queens

Suited and rebooted – London’s Pearly Kings and Queens are a cockney institution. A new generation of Pearlies is revitalising the tradition, with fresh attitudes fit for the 21st century.

The Times – Front cover feature: Elvis’s Memphis

As a new film biopic revives the singer’s legacy, Graceland regular Zoey Goto revisits the superstar’s home town

Vogue Man – Dries Van Noten’s sweet smell of success

Zoey Goto received a rare invitation to speak with Dries Van Noten, to discuss the cerebral designer’s take on gender fluidity, the future of the catwalk show and how fashion might offer us a much-needed dose of unadulterated escapism.

Architectural Digest – Priscilla Presley Explains Why Elvis’s Graceland Remains the Second Most Visited Home in America

The King of Rock and Roll remains a cultural icon, and will take center stage in Baz Luhrmann’s biopic, Elvis, set to hit theaters on June 24

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It’s been a busy couple of months, with a front cover feature in the Sunday Times Travel on Elvis’s Memphis, a Dolly Parton themed road trip through Tennessee…