My Cxfeeblack Interview in Courier’s 100 Ways to Make a Living Magbook

My interview feature with Bartholomew Jones, hip hop artist and founder of Cxffeeblack is in Courier’s latest magbook, 100 Ways to Make a Living.

I’ve interviewed the editor of Cocoa Girl for the latest issue of Courier magazine…

Here’s my startup diary interview with Serlina Boyd, editor of Cocoa Girl magazine. I really enjoyed throwing light onto her work, as she’s bringing some much needed diversity…

My ’10 Must-Visit Fairy-Tale Destinations for Feminists’ article is currently on the Fodor’s homepage!

Ten magical places to connect with female empowerment… While the world is filled with enchanting destinations connected to ancient fairy tales, many of these original stories haven’t fared…

Square Mile – Interview with CEO of Kiton Tailoring House

As maker of the world’s finest suits, Kiton is flying the flag for traditional Neapolitan craftsmanship. Zoey Goto met with Kiton’s CEO Antonio De Matteis to discuss wardrobe investments, post-pandemic style and tailoring tourism. 

Literary Day-cations for World Book Day Feature in The i newspaper

My article on the best bookish days out is in today’s issue of The i newspaper and also online here at iNews.

Absolutely Mama Magazine – Quirky British Staycations

Have the current travel restrictions left you yearning for a dose of adventure? Thankfully, our British shores offer plenty of fantastically quirky staycation options. Zoey Goto rounds up the best unusual minibreaks, from bedding down in a safari park to playing king of the castle at a regal sleepover.

Celebrate #SecondhandSeptember with my vintage fashion feature for Simple Things Magazine

Rejoice in all things secondhand and vintage with the latest issue of Simple Things, which includes a 6-page excerpt from my new book Vintage Style!

New Zealand Herald / Elvis Presley – The Original Influencer

Who was the world’s original influencer? Kim Kardahian? Kylie Jenner? Not by a long shot! It was actually Mr. Elvis Presley, the king of culture, as I argue…

New Zealand Herald – The King of Culture

From the moment he broke onto the scene in the 1950s, Elvis singlehandedly changed the way that people across the globe dressed, and his influence can still be seen everywhere now, from the street to the catwalk.

Vintage Style review by Hungry Caramella

The lovely Hungry Caramella – blogger, Elvis tribute artist and all-round vintage expert – has written a piece on my latest book Vintage Style…

New Lonely Planet Feature – Europe’s Most Amazing Tree House Stays for Families

When was the last time you climbed a creaky ladder and found peace amongst the treetops? My latest article for Lonely Planet looks at Europe’s most spectacular tree house stays, from a spaceship in the woods to a castle in the sky. 

New GQ Feature – “This Is Darwin In Motion”: Savile Row Strides Out Of Lockdown, Into A Socially Distanced Future

How do you measure a suit whilst maintaining social distance? And following months of WFH loungewear, is there even an appetite for getting suited and booted again? 

Why Billund has Fun in it’s DNA – My Latest Article for Absolutely Mama Magazine

Ask a child to dream up their ideal town and it would probably look a lot like Billund. In fact, that’s exactly what happened, when the city planners consulted children on how to create Europe’s Capital of Children – the kind of town where learning through play is the mission of the day, everyday…

GQ Feature on Savile Row Emerging from Lockdown

I’ve spent the past few weeks working on a feature on Savile Row coming out of lockdown…

Kentucky’s Must-Visit Destinations for Bourbon Fans

If you like bourbon, you’ll love Kentucky. To celebrate National Bourbon Day, we’ve rounded up Kentucky’s must-visit destinations for bourbon connoisseurs.

Europe’s Best Island Escapes

Isolation vacations are the current travel buzz, as we seek out safe, peaceful havens to relax and unwind. Filled with endless archipelagos and coastal hideaways, Europe boasts some of the most impressive island retreats in the world. Make like Robinson Crusoe and start planning your next trip to one of these castaway kingdoms, oozing charm, adventure and tranquillity.

Drift – World Famous Noma Restaurant Reopens – As A Burger Joint

Find out how Noma in Denmark is adapting post-Covid, in my latest article for Drift.

Drift – Get That 5-Star Hotel Scent at Home

The current travel restrictions may mean we‘re pressing pause on visits to our favourite hotels, but we can still bring heavenly holiday vibes into our home through scent. Zoey Goto rounds up the best fragrances to add a touch of 5-star luxe to your lockdown.

Eco Mini-Moons in Wedding Ideas Magazine

My article on how to have a green mini-moon is out in the current issue of Wedding Ideas magazine…

Drift – Kentucky’s Must-Visit Destinations for Bourbon Fans

If you like bourbon, you’ll love Kentucky. To celebrate National Bourbon Day, we’ve rounded up Kentucky’s must-visit destinations for bourbon connoisseurs.

My Article on (Almost!) Plastic-Free Living is in the Current Issue of Angels & Urchins Magazine

The Beverly Wilshire Hotel – A Family-Friendly Haven in Beverly Hills

On a recent trip to LA, we were lucky enough to stay at the beautiful Beverly Wilshire hotel by Rodeo Drive (which incidentally featured in the film Pretty…

What’s Hot – Top 3 BBQ Spots in Memphis

Here’s a little piece from my recent Memphis trip for Escapism. The full travel feature will be published in the magazine next year.

Style and Then Some have kindly included me in their Best Dressed at LFW Feature