The Telegraph – Road trip USA – with added education

Can a learning-focused holiday really help children catch up on missed schoolwork – and all without ruining their fun? Zoey Goto thinks so…

Fodor’s – Celebrity homes you can actually rent for the night

Sleep in Elvis’ bedroom, work 9 to 5 in Dolly’s penthouse, or take a dip in Leo’s pool by checking into these A-list digs.

Wallpaper* – Memphis architecture is making a dynamic comeback

Our architectural love letter from Memphis explores the American South city’s dynamic built environment scene

National Geographic Traveller – seven literary destinations around the UK to inspire children

The UK is a land of insatiable storytellers; a place where druids, fairies, bards and kids on broomsticks have long roamed the lands.

BBC Travel – The last ship of the US slave trade

The discovery of the remains of the Clotilda, 160 years after it sank, brings new life and interest to the settlement built by the original survivors.

National Geographic Traveller – Meet Atlanta’s Pioneering Female Pitmaster

Meet Georgia’s Amanda Kinsey-Joplin, one of the new wave of female chefs carving out a name for themselves in the time-honoured, male-dominated world of Southern barbecue. 

Courier ‘How to start and grow a business’ magbook – Panadera bakery profile

Opening a new venue is a huge decision for any bricks-and-mortar business. For the founders of Panadera bakery, it meant getting resourceful with what they had and keeping a very close eye on the business’ day-to-day financial health. 

Fodor’s Go List 2022 – Memphis’ South Main Arts District

Stitching the past and the present together to create a neighborhood with its finger firmly on the pulse.

National Geographic Traveller – The best new boutique hotels in New Orleans

Louisiana’s legendary city is now pairing its reputation for partying with a sideline in chic, upmarket boutiques that double down on character and history — from a rejuvenated convent in the Marigny to a renovated warehouse in the French Quarter.

Drift – 48 Hours in Memphis

Memphis has always known how to have a good time. A heady combination of BBQ, blues, and rock and roll has been attracting visitors like a magnet for decades. But recently the city has been singing a new song – or at least adding some new riffs.

National Geographic Traveller – Inside Guide to Muscle Shoals

Alabama’s music capital birthed the heady combo of Southern soul and R&B, churning out the sounds of the Sixties – including hits by Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson and the Rolling Stones. Now it’s returning to the spotlight, attracting a new generation of music enthusiasts. 

The Sun – Inside Elvis’s rock and roll Memphis apartment

Inside Elvis’s rock and roll Memphis apartment – and here’s the secret to bagging an overnight stay. 

The Telegraph – How to experience the best of the USA in Europe

Cowboys in Poland and Elvis in Denmark, you don’t need to cross the Atlantic for a slice of the New World

Daily Mail – All shook up in Denmark

Forget Memphis, now you can honour the King at a copycat Graceland.

Foodism Magazine – Grub’s Up in Copenhagen

Something’s stirring in Copenhagen, where insects have been creeping onto restaurant menus for almost a decade. Zoey Goto heads to the Danish capital to investigate

GQ Australia – Savile Row Strides Out of Lockdown, Into a Socially Distanced Future

How do you measure a suit whilst maintaining social distance? And following months of WFH loungewear, is there even an appetite for getting suited and booted again?  Zoey Goto paid a visit to see how the world’s most exclusive fashion street is adapting to the new post-Covid normal.

Courier Magbook 100 Ways to Make a Living – Cxffeeblack Feature

Brewing a fresh blend of beans and beats in Memphis to serve and inspire the community

Courier Magazine – Startup Diary Interview with Serlina Boyd of Cocoa Girl

In June, Serlina Boyd and her six-year-old daughter, Faith, launched Cocoa Girl, the UK’s first magazine for black girls. There have been distribution woes, NDAs and negative headlines – here Serlina reflects on the past few months. 

Fodor’s – 10 Must-Visit Fairy-Tale Destinations for Feminists

Ten magical places to connect with female empowerment.

While the world is filled with enchanting destinations connected to ancient fairy tales, many of these original stories haven’t fared well in our post #MeToo era. However, if you sweep aside the tales of old, with damsels in distress waiting for their prince to arrive, there are many woke tales of female empowerment, set in spectacular destinations that no fourth-wave feminist would be embarrassed to visit.

Square Mile – Interview with CEO of Kiton Tailoring House

As maker of the world’s finest suits, Kiton is flying the flag for traditional Neapolitan craftsmanship. Zoey Goto met with Kiton’s CEO Antonio De Matteis to discuss wardrobe investments, post-pandemic style and tailoring tourism. 

Italia! Magazine – A Sartorial Guide to Naples

Zoey Goto visited Naples on a dapper minibreak, after receiving a rare invitation to take a look behind the scenes at two of the world’s most exclusive and historic tailoring houses. 

iNews – World Book Day: the Literary Locations to Plan for a Post-lockdown Family Day Out

Following months of homeschooling and inspired by World Book Day tomorrow, it’s time to bring learning to life by planning a literary day out for when restrictions allow…

Drift Travel Magazine – Warm Winters and Hot Design in Palm Springs

There are few cities on earth that tantalize the eye quite like Palm Springs. Cruising into this quirky city, via the bone-dry desert, it soon becomes clear that Palm Springs simply refuses to do bad buildings; whether it’s the high-impact housing of the rich and famous, or the mundane everyday buildings of finger-lickin’ drive-throughs, gas stations, banks or sci-fi-tastic convenience stores, everywhere the eye lands offers up a design masterclass.

South China Morning Post – Kiton’s Bespoke Suits are Haute Couture for Men

South China Morning Post STYLE visited the Italian fashion house to see the making of a US$100,000 K50 suit.

The Independent – Inside the US hotel where it’s Christmas every day of the year

“Christmas is not a date. It is a state of mind,” so said the author Mary Ellen Chase. To some this could be a throwaway comment, but to The Inn at Christmas Place, a left field hotel that lavishly celebrates the holiday season every single day of the year, it’s nothing short of a mission statement.

Drift Travel Magazine – A Culinary Road Trip Through Mississippi

“To understand the world” William Faulkner once said, “you must first understand a place like Mississippi”. And to understand a place like Mississippi, you must first understand its food – a cuisine deeply rooted both in its fertile land and its difficult history, from civil war to civil rights.

Absolutely Mama Magazine – Quirky British Staycations

Have the current travel restrictions left you yearning for a dose of adventure? Thankfully, our British shores offer plenty of fantastically quirky staycation options. Zoey Goto rounds up the best unusual minibreaks, from bedding down in a safari park to playing king of the castle at a regal sleepover.

New Zealand Herald – Move Over Minimalism

Lockdown has done strange things to our relationship with our homes. Months of WFH and gazing at the same four walls have left many yearning for a change of scenery. Travel restrictions have created itchy feet. We’re starting to eye-up the paintbrush and consider splashing our drab walls with a riot of glorious colour; seeking ways to inject some of that buzz and excitement – usually found by being out there in the world – into our domestic spaces.

Junior – Glamping at Woolley Grange Review

Could glamping get any more glam? Oh yes, with the new glamping site at Woolley Grange Hotel in Wiltshire. Offering all the fun of family camping with the luxe service of a boutique hotel.

New Zealand Herald – The King of Culture

From the moment he broke onto the scene in the 1950s, Elvis singlehandedly changed the way that people across the globe dressed, and his influence can still be seen everywhere now, from the street to the catwalk.

Lonely Planet – Europe’s Most Amazing Tree House Stays for Families

When was the last time you climbed a creaky ladder and found peace amongst the treetops? If the answer is decades ago, then now could be the perfect time to round up the kids and start planning a tree house getaway.

Absolutely Mama Magazine – Off to Legoland

As the birthplace of Lego, Billund has fun in its DNA. Zoey Goto took her children, aged 3 and 9, to find out why this Danish town is known as Europe’s most family-friendly destination…

Esquire – Elvis Presley Is Still Menswear’s Greatest Style Icon

On his 85th birthday, we celebrate the fashion legacy of the man from Memphis

Junior – Why Billund is a Must-Visit Destination for Lego Fans

As the birthplace of Lego, Billund is an absolute paradise for Lego fans – and here’s why you should visit says, Zoey Goto.

Drift Travel Magazine Front Cover Feature – Europe’s Best Island Escapes

Isolation vacations are the current travel buzz, as we seek out safe, peaceful havens to relax and unwind. Make like Robinson Crusoe and start planning your next trip to one of these castaway kingdoms, oozing charm, adventure and tranquillity.

Absolutely Mama Magazine – Vive La France!

Why Country Kids in France Makes the Perfect Post-Lockdown Escape.

Luxe Recess – Why a Dude Ranch Vacation Should be Your Next Family Getaway

As an urbanite British mother, I’m probably not the most obvious dude ranch enthusiast. My natural habitat is the concrete jungle of London, rather than riding the range astride a horse. So why did we decide to pack up our family of four and hot-hoof it to a Texan ranch, when we could easily have unwound on a fly-and-flop beach holiday or enjoyed the cultural stimulation of a city break?

Numero – Benedict Cumberbatch Interview

Zoey Goto interviews actor Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Sherlock.

Living Etc – The Palm Springs Renaissance

Palm Springs is officially hip once more, as a new troupe of design enthusiasts rediscover its mid-century architecture.

GQ Germany (Cover Story) – Elvis’ Style Lives On

GQ Germany – 40 years after his death, Elvis’ style lives on.

Drift – World Famous Noma Restaurant Reopens – As A Burger Joint

Find out how Noma in Denmark is adapting post-Covid, in my latest article for Drift.

The Times – Cruises for Children: Go on a Moomin Voyage

A cruise between Helsinki and Stockholm brings Tove Jansson’s charming children’s book characters to life.

Escapism – Kentucky, Where the Grass is Bluer

Bourbon, bluegrass, beer and… a Bible-inspired theme park? Prepare to be dazzled by an old-school state that’s full of surprises.

Wedding Ideas Magazine – Eco Mini-Moons

Thinking of a flight-free trip? Zoey Goto looks at mini-moon destinations combining heavenly honeymoon romance and luxury with a dose of sustainability.

Foodism – Memphis Soul: The Home of US Barbecue

We visited Tennessee’s largest city to sample its famous slow-cooked barbecue ribs but ended up having an encounter with the legendary Al Green over spaghetti.

GQ Middle East – How to Spend 48 Hours in Memphis

Memphis Tennessee is at the root of contemporary music in America. Although the USA is rich with inspiring musical cities from New York’s gritty hip-hop beats to Nashville’s country twang, if you want to go all the way back, you need to head to Memphis to discover the city that gave us rock and roll, soul and the blues.

New Zealand Herald – Elvis Sightseeing in Memphis

Without Memphis, we wouldn’t have had the legendary Elvis Presley. Memphis is the city that introduced young Elvis to African American music – via the bustling juke joints of Beale Street and buoyant gospel church services – which he then blended with country music to create the trailblazing sound of rock and roll in the mid-’50s. It’s also the city that lifted Elvis from rags to riches, upgrading his low-income housing to a palatial Graceland mansion, in just a few short, sweet years. Memphis made Elvis, and he repaid it by faithfully staying rooted to the city for his entire adult life.

Square Mile – The Best Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is on an unstoppable rise, and the latest wave of products take the concept to heady new heights. Zoey Goto presents the ingenious new items you shouldn’t be living without.

Rock N Roll Bride – Palm Springs Honeymoon Guide

With its mid-century architecture, Instagram-worthy hotels, vintage shopping and year-round sunshine, it’s no wonder that this desert destination was the weekend escape for the rich and famous during the Golden Era of Hollywood.

Absolutely Mama – Texas Road Trip

It’s Saturday night in Texas and we’re at the famous Tejas rodeo, sat in a
floodlit, dusty stadium surrounded by cowboys on horseback and longhorn
bulls. The Stetson-wearing audience whoop their appreciation as the Mutton
Bustin competition is announced, and the presenter hesitantly checks if the
next contestant is from “London, Texas or London, England?” before the
arena door flies open. My 7-year-old daughter bursts forth, determinedly
hugging onto the back of a woolly sheep as it races around the arena,
cheered on by the 1000-strong crowd!

Esquire Singapore – Elvis & The Essentials Of Style

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” declared the late fashion pioneer Yves Saint Laurent. The legendary performer Elvis Presley, who was born on the 8th of January 1935, was one of those rare icons whose style influence has outlived his career.

Modern Weekly – London Fashion Week

Zoey Goto takes a ringside seat to report on the latest trends from London Fashion Week.

Angels & Urchins – Going Plastic-Free (almost)!

Can kicking the plastic habit transform your life? A couple of years ago, I may have spluttered into my single-use Starbucks coffee cup at the mere suggestion. Racked with eco-guilt, pressure from my Blue Planet 2 watching daughter, and a bin overflowing with seemingly unavoidable plastic packaging, phasing out the dreaded plastic had become an overwhelming, yet rarely actioned sore point on my to-do list.

GQ China – The Art of Suiting

10-page feature on European tailoring.

Elle – London Fashion Week Diaries

Zoey Goto trails three Indian-origin labels as they prep, show and wow at London Fashion Week.

Drift – A First-Timer’s Guide to a Family Safari

I was recently asked to name the best place to take kids on holiday, and without missing a beat I knew the answer – on an African safari! Whilst this may not be an obvious choice for many families, a safari trip with children is well worth putting on to the table for consideration.

Self – E. L. James Interview

Zoey Goto interviews author of the best-selling 50 Shades series.

Numero – Tim Walker Interview

Zoey Goto interviews fashion photographer Tim Walker, ahead of his V&A exhibition opening.

Drift – Get Off The Beaten Track in Sri Lanka

It’s easy to lose your heart to the palm tree-lined beaches of Sri Lanka, but venture off the sandy beaten track and you’ll discover a hidden world of hip design hotels hidden in the rainforest and luxury houseboats gliding over tranquil lakes. Zoey Goto visited the island to explore the road less traveled.

GQ China – Interview with Jason Basmajian of Gieves & Hawkes

Zoey Goto interviews head designer at Gieves & Hawkes, Jason Basmajian.

Luxe Recess – A California Road Trip: Beach, Desert, and Los Angeles With Kids

Road-tripping through California had been on our travel bucket list for about a decade, but this year we finally decided to pack up our two small children and make it a reality.

Numero – Kansai Yamamoto Interview

Zoey Goto interviews Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto.

Family Travel Magazine – Botswana is a Roaring Great Holiday

On our debut safari night in Botswana, I was awoken twice – first by a roaring lion outside our safari tent and then by a boisterous monkey jumping around on the balcony.

NME – King of Cool

Zoey Goto, author of the new book ‘Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits to Jumpsuits’ looks at The King’s key style moments – from his youthful hand-embroidered rockabilly wear, to his diamond encrusted Caddy.

Rock N Roll Bride -Madonna Inn Review

If Liberace and Disney collaborated to create a motel, the result would be California’s Madonna Inn.

Baby Magazine – Green Family Travel Destinations

Zoey Goto rounds up the best eco-friendly holiday destinations for families, both in the UK and overseas.

Absolutely Mama – Visit Moomin World in Finland

Fan of the magical Moomins? Head to Finland to discover Tove Jansson’s timeless creations.

Family Travel Magazine – A Family Weekend in London

From visiting the Queen’s palace to attending a teddy bears picnic or a smoking-hot science-themed high tea, local Zoey Goto knows just how to spend an action-packed 48 hours in London with kids.

South China Morning Post – ‘Designed in China’ Still a Work in Progress

Shenzhen’s pavilion at a top London design exhibition showed progress, but also how far modern Chinese design has to go.

Family Travel Magazine – Sleep Like Royalty in these English Castles

Looking to bring history to life for the kids? England is dotted with historically significant castles, many of which have recently let down their drawbridges and started taking in overnight guests. London-based writer Zoey Goto took her two children on a tour of England, finding the best castles for a regal sleepover.

Vantage – Paul Smith Interview

Zoey Goto interviews British fashion designer Paul Smith.

Modern Weekly – Susie Bubble Interview

Zoey Goto interviews fashion blogger Susie Bubble.

Junior – 8 Reasons Why Austin, Texas Should Be On Your Holiday Radar

Having just returned from a family trip to the Lone Star State, Zoey Goto runs though her top reasons why Austin should be on your travel bucket list.

Family Travel Magazine – A Wild West Family Roadtrip

Away from California’s mega-theme parks, lives a world of weird and wonderful nostalgic attractions – from cowboy film sets and retro diners to roadside dinosaurs and caveman themed motel rooms.

GQ China – Asia’s Next Wave of Models

Zoey Goto looks at Asia’s next wave of male models.

Baby Magazine – A Postcard from Botswana

Zoey Goto heads on a rather wild holiday with her 7-year-old daughter.

GQ China – Alex Hua Tian Interview

Zoey Goto interviews Olympic Equestrian Alex Hua Tian.

Baby Magazine – Packing Light

Zoey Goto shows families how to travel with a baby and just hand luggage.

Modern Weekly – Thomas Heatherwick Interview

Zoey Goto interviews the British designer Thomas Heatherwick.